Genre: Hip Hop
From: Charleston SC

Anfernee Robinson “Anfernee.” is an artist whose genre-bending variations of hip-hop make his music very vibrant and unpredictable. His passion for music is shown in every endeavor.

His love for music drove him to discover various different types stretching beyond cultures and time. He released his first self-titled, self-produced album while in France. He has continued to develop both his sound and connections, releasing another EP, The Conspiracy, with producer Anthony Grossmann (Gross), and with future projects in the works alongside his comrades overseas, Adamandy. His works have gained him features many newspaper outlets including the Charleston City Paper and The Charleston Chronicle.His music is a reflection of his endeavor through emotional and societal tribulations and an unconventional look at the tumultuous cycles of internal conflict, while also encapsulating his immense love for humanity.