Bicycling Versus Running


In a world of cyclists and runners, the wonder of whether cycling or running is better for you never ceases. There are both pros and cons to the two beloved sports. If you’re searching to lose weight or ease the impact on your joints, we’ve got the answers for you! We found really great research to the answers we’ve all been looking for. Take a look at how bicycling and running compare below!




Pros: Bicycling is gentler on your muscles and joints since it is a non-weight bearing activity. You will also experience less muscle soreness by bicycling! You may also improve your aerobic fitness with this activity.



  • The number of calories you burn are very little.
  • You put yourself at risk of being involved in a traffic accident when cycling on the road.
  • It can be uncomfortable due to the crouched position and small seat.
  • A good bicycle can be pricey!



Pros: Running is an excellent form of exercise and is also the most affordable! It involves large muscle mass along with burning a high number of calories. Running will improve your aerobic fitness too! The sport requires little-to-no equipment other than a pair of decent running shoes.

Running comes with the thrill of moving along at the speed under your own power!



  • Injuries are more common in running.
  • Concrete sidewalks are one of the hardest surfaces you can run on which can translate to more stress on your joints and muscles.
  • Running on soft surfaces can be difficult to do depending on where you live.



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