Cooper River Bridge Run | Changing The Way You Breathe
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Changing The Way You Breathe

Running can sometimes leave you feeling out of breath and may even cause you to feel winded at times. Don’t give up running just yet if you are experiencing these problems. Here are some tips and tricks to relieve you of this discomfort! Discover the top five breathing tips for runner below!

  1. Maintaining Good Posture- If you have poor posture while running, your body will experience side stitch pains which also result from accelerated breathing. Avoid having side stitches by strengthening your postural muscles with core exercises. This will help your diaphragm move more easily!
  2. Proper Breathing Technique- While running, it is better to breathe deeply so that when your lungs expand your posture will improve in the process.
  3. Breathe Through Your Mouth- When breathing through your mouth rather than your nose, your lungs are able to inhale and exhale oxygen more effectively giving your muscles more oxygen as well.
  4. Breathe to a Rhythm- Varying on the number of footsteps you take with each foot while breathing in and out, you’ll be able to find your pace. Once finding the correct pace, you can practice stepping in rhythm and find your breathing pattern.
  5. Pacing Your Breathing- Take a moment to pace your breathing and set a goal. Once your goal is set, you should monitor whether you begin to breathe faster or slower than you’d like and correct your oxygen intake. This is important to do during cool downs as well!

Do you have a favorite breathing method that helped you become a better runner? Share it with us on our Facebook!  Check out our page for updates on the 2018 Cooper River Bridge Run and more creative ways to keep fit and active!

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