1. All media acceptable; winner to be reproduced & printed by 4-color process.
2. Overall size should not exceed 30 x 30 inches — suggested is 20 x 30, mounted on foam core. Vertical orientations (where the overall width is smaller than the overall height) are recommended — keep in mind the proportions of a T-shirt). Please call/email (see below for info) for clarifi cation on any exceptions.
3. The artist / designer may choose to include the following text within or around the image area: 

a. “38TH Annual”

b. “Cooper River Bridge Run”

c. “10 K”

d. “March 28, 2015”

e. “Charleston, SC”.

We recommend omitting all text — with the understanding that the Bridge Run (in consultation with artist) will add text into or around the entry for the purposes of the T-shirt and Poster. Sign and attach entry form.

Drop-off Schedule

*Drop-off Monday through Friday,10 AM- 5 PM until June 30, 2014 at the CRBR Store, or if out of town, ship to CRBR at 716 South Shelmore Blvd. #105, Mt. Pleasant 29464
*Jury to meet late July. Display of all work, awards and reception for all the artists will be in August. (date TBA; all entrants will receive an invitation in the mail. Note: The winning Artist will be contacted by telephone by August 1st, all others will be invited to the reception by mail and/or email.


The jury will be looking for one dynamic image to represent the Bridge Run as both a poster and a T-shirt.  The winner will receive $1000, a lot of recognition, 100 posters and 24 shirts. The jury reserves the right to pick a separate poster and T-shirt winner, with each receiving $500; and the CRBR reserves the right to reject the selected image if it is deemed to be inappropriate or of insuffi cient quality to represent the event (such a decision by the CRBR would be extremely unlikely).

Youth Division

Children and student entries will be entered — and are eligible to win — the open competition. After the open judging, these will be grouped by age and considered for gifts.

Please note that ALL entries become the property of the Cooper River Bridge Run, non-winning entries will be auctioned off to benefi t the Bridge Run “Charity Connection” charities. If you have any questions: www.BridgeRun.com 843-856-1949,  crbridgerun@att.net

The Bridge Run will exercise reasonable care of all entries between drop-off time and the Art Auction. I certify that this is my original work and give permission for this work to be reproduced for purposes of publicizing the Bridge Run and / or the design competition. If this entry does not win, I agree to donate it to the Charity Art Auction. If selected as a winner, this entry becomes the property of the Cooper River Bridge Run, which will retain permission and all legal rights to the artwork selected, including all reproductions and photographic rights. Signature is required.

The Winners

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crbr 2014Marcus Terry, 2014 Cooper River Bridge Run Design

Marcus is a resident of Charlotte, North Carolina where he has lived for the past 19 years.  He is married to his lovely wife Tonya and has two children, John (10) and Amelia (born 8/2/13).


Marcus was born and raised in a military family. His father, William Terry is a retired Marine Corps officer who spent a total of 20 years in the service.  Marcus was born on the Naval Base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in 1976 and grew up in Northern Virginia and Okinawa, Japan.  Upon his father’s retirement from the Marine Corps in 1991, the family moved to Chapel Hill, NC where Marcus finished High School before attending college at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte where he received his degree in Architecture in 1998.


Marcus now practices architecture in Charlotte with RPA Design. His focus for much of his career has been on environments for the aging population.  He has designed many nursing homes around the Carolina’s and has worked with The Department of Veteran’s Affairs on the design of many VA Living Centers and Veteran’s Homes.


Marcus enjoys doing graphic design projects as a hobby among other things.  He also loves fishing, golf and is learning tennis from his wife who is a solid amateur tennis player.  He hopes to be able to beat her at some point in his life.  She refused to play him while she was 9 months pregnant when he felt he had his best chance.


Marcus was inspired to create this design while he was participating in the 2009 Bridge Run.  The design portrays a perspective from on the bridge itself.  When running on the bridge and approaching the pylons, the stay cables seem to stretch past you in all directions creating a fascinating visual pattern that draw your eye straight through the bridge itself, motivating you to power through!  The colors selected were meant to reflect the bright and vibrant character of the City of Charleston and it’s residents who open their arms to us year after year.  Marcus is looking forward to seeing the bridge again from this rare vantage point again in April 2014.

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kids run
Peyton Moore, 2014 Kids Run & Wonderfest Design
Peyton was born September 10, 2003, in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, to Jennifer and Noah Moore.  He was a 4th grade student at Mount Pleasant Academy and formerly at The O’Quinn School in Mount Pleasant. He loved sports and being outdoors and was a member of The Mount Pleasant Track Club, the Charleston Running Club, Charleston Runs, and USA Track and Field.  Peyton ran the Cooper River Bridge Kids run from 2005 to 2012 and then ran the Cooper River Bridge 10K in 2013. Always wanting to encourage others, he was a supporter of the Injured Marines Semper Fi Fund, and when running, wanted to recognize those who were supporting any event. Peyton loved chess, drawing and playing piano.


Not one to sit around, Peyton was also a member of the International Juggler’s Association, the Cub Scouts, and was a strong athlete. He was a member of the Mount Pleasant Redskins Championship Football Team, qualified and competed in the USA Track & Field2012 National Junior Olympic Championship, and was the number one Javelin Thrower in the State of South Carolina for 9 and 10 year olds. And, even at his young age, he was an inspiration by serving as a running coach for adults in Couch to 5k groups, tutored other students, and was the leading scorer on his basketball team this past year. Even with all of Peyton’s love of sports from kayaking to swimming, boating to football, he also loved school and his teachers, making straight A’s and holding perfect attendance. He was recognized for the Principle’s Honor Roll each year. Peyton’s family, however, was number one! He loved to be with his grandparents on their boat, swim off their dock, run with his dad, and camping and spending hours talking with his mama about life and love.
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crbr 2013
Mayela Lopez, 2013 10K Run & Walk Design Winner
Mayela Lopez is a professional artist and Graphic Designer originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Her artwork is heavily inspired by the culture and colors of the Southwest.  The inspiration for her entry came from the graphic elements and bold presence of the Arthur J. Ravenel Bridge against the Charleston skyline.  Although Mayela has a passion for painting, she thought the bridge landscape would be best depicted as a simplified graphic piece of art.  It was created in Adobe Illustrator where she used bold thick lines to overlay the iconic bridge on a playful and colorful landscape.
Mayela works full time as a Graphic Designer/Marketing Coordinator for KLNB Retail, a regional commercial real estate company, where she is responsible for producing print materials as well as maintaining the company website.  She has recently been involved with the development of a real estate iPad app for the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan area.  Mayela also maintains a long list of freelance clients around the country.  She specializes in Graphic Design, painting, and custom invitations and announcements.  Her invitation designs have been seen in over 35 weddings in the last few years.  Her freelance portfolio can be viewed at www.mayelalopez.com.
Mayela is the daughter of John and Linda Lopez and has a younger brother, Zay.  Mayela graduated from James Madison University in 2006 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design.  She currenlty resides in Reston, Virginia with her boyfriend Ben and her puppy, Roscoe.
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Kids Run
Kevin Adcock, winner 2013 Kids Run & Wonderfest Design.
Born:Fayetteville, NC
A 1990 graduate of the Citadel.  Following graduation, he was commissioned in the U.S. Navy.  Went to flight school and flew both SH-60B Seahawk helicopters and T-34C trainers as an instructor.  Completed two long cruise deployments to Europe and the Middle East (plus the Suez and Panama Canals).
Kevin separated from Naval Service in Jan, 2001 to pursue a career in commercial aviation.  After serving as a First Officer at Atlantic Coast Airlines/Independence Air for 5 years (Bombardier Canadair Regional Jet), Kevin was furloughed as the airline enacted a RIF to remain financially solvent.  Choosing not to remain in the airline industry, Kevin became a certified personal trainer for two years, and then entered the teaching arena, becoming a middle school math teacher at a North Charleston Title I. school from 2008-2011.  He is proud to have accepted an opportunity to return to his alma  mater to work with a new generation of Cadets and future leaders of the community and the country.  He is currently serving the Corps as F Co. Tactical Officer.
Kevin enjoys spending his free time painting, traveling and serving his community through local organizations including "Run Buddies", Louie's Kids, Pet Helpers, Charleston Animal Society and the American Red Cross.
Kevin also enjoys training for endurance events including marathons, triathlons, and cycling races.  He has two adopted daughters, Luna and Comet, who provide him canine levity and random acts of kindness.
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Greg Rawls, 2012 Design Winner. 

Greg Rawls has been creating kiln-formed (fused) glass for the past twelve years. He has studied extensively with many accomplished glass artists and has developed techniques for taking kiln-formed glass in new directions. He earned a BS in Biology and a MS in Public Health from the University of South Carolina and has lived in Charleston for over 20 years. He is currently pursuing glass art full time with his company, Gregorie Glass (www.gregorieglass.com) which specializes in kiln-formed glass for art and architecture. Kiln-formed glass is a very difficult medium due to issues of glass compatibility and the inherent fragility of glass. All of this makes it a most challenging art form. Glass, when properly worked, is amazingly strong and this strength makes a presence that will stand the test of time. Glass is an eternal medium that has been worked, in one form or another, for several thousand years. Fused glass art was found in ancient Egyptian excavations and was a revered art form. The technique was lost and rediscovered about 50 years ago. Greg has won numerous awards for his glass art including the Piccolo Spoleto Juried Art Exhibition, the Piccolo Spoleto Petite Pavilion poster and placement in the South Carolina Museum 20th Anniversary Juried Art Exhibition. “I am fascinated by the way light plays off glass, either transmitted or reflected, giving the work new meaning with changing light and viewing angle. I want my work to be simple and expressive, yet convey a sense of color and light in harmony. I have always been inspired by the colors of the Lowcountry. The marsh, ocean and incredible sunsets form my palette. The Cooper River Bridge is the ideal center point to bring all these colors into focus while celebrating the 10K run.”

Greg’s glass art can be seen at Edward Dare Gallery (31 Broad Street, Charleston), Sandpiper Gallery (2019-C Middle St., Sullivan's Island), Blue Heron Glass (1714 Old Towne Road, Charleston), The Gallery (802 Bay Street, Beaufort) and the South Carolina Artisans Center (334 Wichman Street, Walterboro).

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2011 Design Contest Winner - Rick Sargent

2011 Design

The Arthur J. Ravenel Bridge welcomes all travelers to Charleston, whether by land or by sea. By the position of the bridge in his design, Rick incorporated this welcoming aspect as well as the bridge’s bold artistic presence in the Charleston skyline. Rick also paid homage to an iconic Charleston designer, Phillip Simmons.  He incorporated the classical beauty of Simmons’ gate designs by using their graceful patterns to represent the movement of the sky and sea.  Finally, the perspective and color choice of the overall design conveys the exhilaration that the runner experiences in reaching the top of the bridge and seeing the Charleston skyline.

Rick Sargent is owner of Sargent Illustration and Design, LLC and an adjunct faculty member in the Graphic Design Department at the Art Institute of Charleston. He is an award-winning medical illustrator and animator with nine years professional experience.  Rick earned a Bachelor Degree in Art from the University of Georgia and a Master of Science degree in Medical Illustration from the Medical College of Georgia. He received his board certification from the Association of Medical Illustrators.

Rick is passionate about painting.  He has studied painting at the School of Visual Arts in New York and the Academy Ducret in New Jersey.  His work is inspired by the symbolism and significance of everyday events.  His major artistic influences are Rembrandt, Ingres, Millet, John Singer Sargent, and Bo Bartlett.

Rick and his wife, Amy, have two children, Layna and Suzanna.  They live in Mt. Pleasant and enjoy annually running the Bridge Run. They serve together at East Cooper Baptist Church and YoungLife.

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2010 Design Contest Winner- Norm Lambert
2010 Bridge Run Poster
Norm Lambert has been a professional artist for more than ten years.  He is a dual British/US citizen (his father was in the U.S. Air Force), and his family settled in the Charleston area in 1975.  He began college as an aspiring classical oboist but ended up completing an M.A. in psychology, with an emphasis on the creative process.  Since that time he has moved every couple of years, and his varied work experience includes stints as a statistical analyst with the Scottish Health Service and as an English teacher in Japan. 
  A self-taught artist, his work has ranged from photography and digital design to combining calligraphy verses with textural painting.  His images have been commissioned by retailers such as Bed, Bath & Beyond and Wal-Mart for fabrics and wall art.  Norm operates at the Charleston City Market throughout the week - in one of the open air buildings - for those who would like to view his current work.
   Having exhibited at art shows across the country for several years, Norm is now 43 years old and firmly planted in Charleston.  Norm views photography as the perfect vehicle for bringing his various interests into focus.  "I am invigorated by drawing connections from past experiences and fusing them with new ideas".  Some of his recent work includes the use of photographing "found" objects and composing them collage-style into his pieces.  For instance, his Bridge Run contest winning entry is a montage of such photographs that represent the various letters in the composition from around town.  The "I" in the word "River", for instance, is the Morris Island Lighthouse, while the "N" in the word "Run", is the Ravenel Bridge itself.  "My primary motivation is to stay in a state of creative exploration, interpret my surroundings from a variety of perspectives, then capture and share what I see".  Norm has produced for the Cooper River Bridge Run a unique and provocative work well deserving of the top design prize for the year 2010.

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2009 Design Contest Winner -  Jessica Crouch

2009 poster

Jessica Crouch was raised in Scott Depot, WV before moving to Charleston, SC in 2005 to pursue a career in graphic design.  She is the daughter of Ernie and Bonnie Crouch and has a younger brother, Jake.

Jessica graduated from Marshall University in 2005 with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design.  She worked for Zafari, Inc. in Mount Pleasant, a graphic design firm, for two years before accepting the position as art director with her current employer Cognetix - an advertising, marketing and design firm in West Ashley.

Jessica has worked on a variety of accounts including Charleston Lighting and Interiors, Charlestowne Hotels, Ed Hunnicutt Real Estate, Shopping with Friends and Tidelands Bank.  She was also the winning artist for the 2008 Summerville Flowertown Festival T-Shirt Design contest.

The inspiration for her entry came from a photograph she took of a beautiful Charleston sunset.  By combining her photography with design, she wanted to create a piece using bright colors to celebrate the excitement and energy of the Cooper River Bridge Run.



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2008 Design Contest Winner - Aubrey Johnson

/images/2008_winner.jpgAubrey Johnson is from Cape May, NJ. and was raised there before moving in 2001 with family to the Isle of Palms. He joined the Air Force about a year after moving here and traveled all over, then transferring to the Reserves to pursue college studies.

He graduated from Trident Technical College in August with an AA in Commercial Graphics with an emphasis in Digital Media and will be attending the Art Institute of Atlanta in October of this year.

He has done graphic work, mostly web design, for a variety of clients here in Charleston. Some of the clients include Salon Couture, b'zar, Lesesne, Atkinson Pools and Spas, and Blue Moon Events to name a few.

He started in art courses because he loved making web sites and realized there was more to it than just code. Making the sites aesthetically appealing became his newfound goal.

Some influences in his art education and career thus far have been Herb Lubadin (a typographer), Piet Mondrian, Lee Brimlowe, Andy Warhol, and Mark Rothko.

He actually first heard about the Bridge Run from someone mentioning Bill Murray was running it. The race in April 2008 will be his very first Bridge Run!

/images/artgallery_ad.jpgThe inspiration for his entry came from a few things. The colors came from the brilliant sky colors one can see driving to and from Mount Pleasant. The type was inspired by various things he likes about Charleston. The text on the bottom has a new but colonial feel, which is again something he admires about Charleston and the script font is reminiscent of River Dogs baseball games. The sports theme thus achieved fits in well with this premier running event.


April 05, 2014