Cooper River Bridge Run | Deep End
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Deep End

Genre: Alternative

Deep End is a prolific up and coming group from Charleston, SC that is breaking their year of recording silence with their self-titled debut EP. Deep End produces a massive sound of hooky guitar licks, aggressive beats, and modern synthesizers that remind you of Imagine Dragons and Cold War Kids with an intuitive use of poetic lyrics that resemble the likes of The Velvet Underground. Discovered and produced by Cubby of Charleston’s favorite SLO (Stop Light Observations), this debut album “Deep End” takes listeners on a pressing storyline of musical crescendos and dynamic twists that leave an incredible impression on the youthful raw talent that makes up Deep End. The band is composed of singer Casey Malanuk, drummer Mason Haselden, lead guitarist Brendan Fitzpatrick, and bassist Bennet Bogan. Coming from diverse musical backgrounds the members of this band create a combination that emphasizes the changing musical environment of our generation.