Cooper River Bridge Run | Five Ways to Intensify Your Run
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Five Ways to Intensify Your Run

Keeping up with your routine can be a workout in itself. Skip the hassle of searching for ways to enhance your technique and build more muscle! Read the list below to find out quick and easy ways to intensify your run.


  1. Speed Bursts are a great way to activate the fast-twitch muscle fibers and will improve your speed in a matter of weeks. Adding this to your daily run will noticeably change your performance.
  2. Building Endurance can help you run faster for a longer distance. Changing your routine once a week to a longer distance rather than your typical daily run will build up your stamina.
  3. Strides are short and fluctuate your speed at a healthy pace. Maybe change it to: Challenge yourself! Going from an easy pace to a near sprint, you complete the first stride and train your body to control your speed and breathing.
  4. Varying the terrain in which you run can benefit your body by making your body work harder as well as shortening your workout time. Running on a high incline at your usual pace will put your muscles to the test and will be sure to intensify your run.
  5. Tempo Runs can be done with a low-intensity sprinting speed and will increase stamina by teaching your body to process clear lactic acid; this will prevent your muscles from “burning”. Who wouldn’t want to get rid of the burn?


Continue to intensify your run as your train for the 2017 Cooper River Bridge Run! Check out our page to register for the 2018 Cooper River Bridge Run and to find more creative ways to keep fit and active. We can’t wait to see you cross that finish line next year!




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