Cooper River Bridge Run | Grapefruit Moon
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Grapefruit Moon

Genre: Americana

Married since June 2011, Micah and his wife Andi joined their musical abilities together and formed the duo Grapefruit Moon in December of 2012 and have been performing together ever since. Micah plays guitar and sings, while Andi sings and occasionally adds the drums to their shows. They are known for their creative songs as well as their sense of fun when they are on stage and love sharing their creations with people with passion and heart, and some laughs along the way. Their timeless and charismatic blend of folk, country and southern-rock please fans of any age. They feel blessed to have performed with and opened for many excellent musicians all over and to work together doing something they both love. Grapefruit moon continues to tour and write songs as much as possible and can be found performing often at wineries, restaurants, coffee shops and at festivals.