Cooper River Bridge Run | How To Measure Your Hydration
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How To Measure Your Hydration



The summer is here and temperatures are high! Running in the heat is a challenge in itself; how are you staying hydrated? It’s so important to know whether you are drinking too little or too many fluids as a runner. How do you determine that, you ask? We’re here to lay out the tips and tricks below!


Drinking early and often is key! Drink your choice of beverage (but, stay away from sodas) in small, steady quantities throughout the day. Bring a water bottle with you wherever you go, or take a drink every time you pass a water fountain at work or school. Staying well-hydrated throughout the day has more than just running benefits – it helps you stay alert and will prevent that dull, headachy feeling that slows you down in the middle of the day. When preparing yourself for a long run, sip down a sports drink. Studies show that for exercises lasting more than an hour, runners perform significantly better when drinking a sports drink than when drinking plain water. Sports drinks contain carbohydrates at a concentration of about 7 percent which is significantly lower than that in your average soft drink. This is wonderful for your body because the lower concentration enables you to absorb the fluid more quickly. The carbs provide fuel, while its electrolytes, sodium and potassium steer away cramps, nausea and hyponatremia. Go with a flavor you like as this will encourage you to drink more.


Do you have a favorite sports drink? Share it with us on Facebook! Continue to check our page for updates on the 2018 Cooper River Bridge Run and for more creative ways to keep fit and active!


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