Mike Sarge

Genre: Christian Rap
From: Atlanta, GA

The industry is aware of the newest wave of artists like Lecrae, Chance the rapper, and Andy Meneo who are blowing up the national charts with their inspirational, faith-driven content. It’s clear that labels are searching for the next big artist and independent artist, Mike Sarge, has proven early that he can become just that.

Mike Sarge is a smooth hip-hop artist from Atlanta, Georgia currently residing in the Masters city of Augusta, GA. At an early age, Sarge had a deep love and passion for all genres of music. Growing up, he was heavily inspired by Hip-Hop, Gospel and Soul. He transitioned fro a fanatic listener to an artist in early 2014 and has started pursuing his music dreams ever since.

While performing at multiple showcases and festivals across the US, Mike Sarge consistently works within his community and is currently enlisted in the United States Air Force, as well.