Pierce Alexander

Genre: Alt Rock
Genre: Charleston SC

Originally hailing from the Big Bend city of Tallahassee, Florida, solo musician Pierce Alexander soon made the move to Charleston, South Carolina- the place where he is currently honing his style as a guitarist and songwriter. Alexander’s recent work might best be described as alternative rock with a modern edge, incorporating elements of jazz, rock, and electronic music into songs which strive to have complexity and several layers of meaning. Alexander’s artistic influences are varied- everything from Radiohead, David Bowie, and The Smiths, to his favorite authors and poets, to where he has lived and the friends, musicians, and mentors he has met along the way. These days, Pierce can often be found walking the streets of downtown Charleston with a guitar on his back or tucked in the back of a coffee shop writing lyrics. His latest singles are Thoughts Like These (September 28, 2016), Keeps Me Away (March 22, 2017), and Starlight Set You Free (August 16, 2017). An EP is in the works for early 2018.