Cooper River Bridge Run | Stefanie Potter
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Stefanie Potter

Genre: Folk Acoustic

Stefanie Potter is a folk/soul acoustic singer-songwriter in Charleston, SC, with a background in social work and ministry. She’s an “artist of the heart,” writing inspirational story-filled songs from her heart to yours, about things that matter most in life. Her performances (typically as a duo) are filled with passionately soulful vocals, energetic rhythms, fun grooves, and a touch of quirkiness.  Stefanie began writing music as a teenager for a NY-based rock band that performed consistently for about a decade.  Over the past year, Stefanie’s music has been heard on Girls Rock Radio, Women of Substance Radio, Outbound Radio, WYLA Charleston, ABC News 4, and venues around town. She’s thrilled to perform for and help energize all the incredible bridge runners for the third time!  Visit for a free 4-song demo and a sample of her book, Surviving Service: Effective Response to God’s Call for Justice.