Cooper River Bridge Run | Trails To Tackle Before The End Of The Summer
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Trails To Tackle Before The End Of The Summer


We’re all about discovering new places and reinventing your routine! The Cooper River Bridge is a go-to when it comes to sight-seeing during your inclined run; but there is so much more to explore! The summer season calls for vacations and adventure. We’ve found four trails that are worth taking a trip for. Take a look below!


  1. Wicklow Way – The Wicklow Way is a journey through one of Ireland’s most scenic locations. It takes you on a journey back in time through Ireland’s rich heritage and history. The route goes through some of Ireland’s most scenic locations with stunning views of rolling hills, blankets of bogs, dense woods, running streams, glacier valleys and lakes, and the Irish Sea as backdrop. Did we mention that it is a three-day practice?
  2. The Thorsborne Trail – The Thorsborne Trial is a four-day trail found in Australia that covers cloud-cloaked mountains, a jungle-like rainforest, melaleuca swamps and pristine white beaches. See a panorama of wildlife, from bright butterflies and birds to crocodiles, sea turtles, dugongs and dolphins. Immerse yourself into the unknown!
  3. Olomana Trail – The Olomana Trail is 4.5 miles long. It is located near Kailua, Hawaii that features beautiful wild flowers and hills. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Take on the high peaks!
  4. Appalachian Trail – The Appalachian Trail isn’t too far from home and it’s a stunning adventure! The trail offers many smaller routes within the overall trail; some, in which take a day to complete and others that take 5 to 7 months; the choice is yours! If you can believe it, the national scenic trail stretches across 14 states! Trek across beautiful valleys and farmlands – set up camp in between! We encourage you to take on the challenge.



Do you have a trail that you favor? Share it with us on Facebook! Continue to check our page for updates on the 2018 Cooper River Bridge Run and for more creative ways to keep fit and active!


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