We can't think of a better reason. ...

6 hours ago

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Johnnie Denise McBride-GlanceyAmen!4 hours ago   ·  1
Tenikka PhillipsArt Meadows, this reminds me of a conversation we had a couple of years ago. I can't think of a better reason!4 hours ago   ·  1
Ron Ratley Sr.I'm too fat now Thom.5 hours ago

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Time to lace up! ...

1 day ago

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Sharon Shay Williams FloydI did! An 8K for me today in Simpsonville, SC (Kelly Kure).1 day ago   ·  1
Code ShroomI'm In! I did it for the first time this year and loved it! I signed up yesterday for 20161 day ago   ·  2

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Are you going to #GetOverIt in 2016? Registration is only $35! ...

3 days ago

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Sharon Shay Williams FloydBut of course! And every year after that for as long as my body allows!!! Absolutely #LoveCRBR!!!3 days ago   ·  1
Tracy Merlot LoAlboAlready signed up with my hubby and dad!!3 days ago   ·  1
Amy PierceAlready registered!!3 days ago   ·  1
Donna HendersonMe too! :)3 days ago   ·  3
Margie LynchI am! Will be my first Bridge run3 days ago   ·  2
Donna KnightStacy Angle...if we sign up now ...we will have g goal to work toward.3 days ago   ·  1
Rachael CasselmanJennifer Hodgeman are you going to register again ??3 days ago   ·  2
Jeannie Treasurer CallananYes - registered to run. Donna Henderson3 days ago   ·  2
Lisa WaldropOK Shelley Vincent Channell Stacy Burgess Boyd Lisa Aldridge Tillman Melanie Sutton Outlaw Meg Barton Hinson Amanda Lewis Ghent I say we all sign up together on the same day to get in the same wave! Lets do this ladies!3 days ago   ·  4
Michelle H. MorrisonThe hardest thing I've ever had to do (next to giving birth 4 times) but so much fun and so worth the reward and great feeling of getting over it and crossing that finish line! Registered!!!!! Woohoo!2 days ago   ·  2
Megan BalotJordan Dalto Jonathan Hayes Stephen McIntosh pretty cheap right now3 days ago   ·  1
Mark P. Del MastroRegistered!3 hours ago
Tara Johnson BellWhen does $35 registration end, and what will the next price increase be?1 day ago
Michelle H. MorrisonOrgena Muldrew Alexander Jevet Cook Mary Ruth TeNisha Alston Banyard Donna Webster Brown Natalia Cales. Let's DO THIS! I'm hooked! I'm ready! Or I WILL be ready! Lol!2 days ago   ·  2
Natalia CalesI need to register! 😳 lol Michelle H. Morrison2 days ago   ·  1
Jessica MarkhamBob Sheaks3 days ago   ·  1
Diana MooreAllison Croft3 days ago   ·  1

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You have to start somewhere. ...

4 days ago

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Rose HyamsI finished last in a race in Greenville along time ago finish CRBR in 1.32 this year. Yea!!!!!4 days ago   ·  4
Reginald H. ThomasMy failure to start this year was due to bronchitis. There will be better days.4 days ago   ·  1
Jan PowellLooking forward to doing this again4 days ago
Judy Johnsontime to sign up for next year !4 days ago   ·  2
Bl FosterThis brings me hope....4 days ago   ·  1
James Hoffmeister4 days ago   ·  1
Mauri J. RodriguezI have been dead last before and it still feels good to finish, especially with a great group of runners cheering you on.4 days ago   ·  1
Hou-Yin ChangAlready in for #CRBRXXXIX, which is set to be Start #12. One year I had a DNS (stomach virus) that led to an expensive return of my entire packet (and shirt) back to the Bridge Run office along with the next year's race entrance fee submission! Didn't deserve to pick up anything because of the DNS!4 days ago
Denise HermanI did better than I expected this year & hoping to be back next year and do even better!4 days ago
Pam Venters SchillingSo very true.3 days ago
Lisa Faber OharaAnd they all beat "did not qualify" (cheated )4 days ago
Billie Ann BegleyDid you post this for me?4 days ago
Ben MillerDont care beats them all.....2 days ago
Mary Anne Horn GomulinskiDebbie, and we weren't!4 days ago

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The Race starts promptly at 8am! Please be in line and in your correct corral by 7am!


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    Mount Pleasant, SC – April 1, 2015 – Julian Smith, Executive Director of The Cooper River Bridge Run (CRBR) is excited to announce that the Cooper River Bridge Run has earned the ranking of the 3rd largest 10K race in the United States. This titl...

  • 2015 Cooper River Bridge Run Satisfaction

    Thank you to all of the participants in the 2015 Cooper River Bridge Run. We appreciate your feedback and value your insight for the future. Each year we work to make the Cooper River Bridge Run the best event. Please take our 2015 Cooper River......