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The Cooper River Bridge Run is the best organized and best conducted 10-K race in the world. It includes world-class competition in a unique setting with unparalleled participant satisfaction. It broadens community cooperation and participation in healthy events throughout the year. The Cooper River Bridge Run serves as a model of health motivation for other communities throughout the world.


The Cooper River Bridge Run has a tremendous impact on the local Community, the Hospitality and Tourism industry and other business entities by generating thirty-three ($33) million dollars in one weekend. CRBR also supports the Lowcountry through our Charity Connection and Grants programs.  Ninety-two cents ($.95) of every dollar spent goes towards our mission. The CRBR is also proud to promote Health and Wellness which improves the quality of life. 


The Cooper River Bridge Run provides a world-class 10-K foot race. The race promotes continuous physical activity and a healthy lifestyle through education and opportunity.


  • Increase interest in cardiovascular exercise in the community.
  • Raise funds for  public education on the importance of exercise.
  • Generate a spirit of community involvement and volunteerism.
  • Promote and publicize the Cooper River Bridge Run.


BY Cedric Jaggers,  Former Contributing Editor

YEAR 2018/2019  Cooper River Bridge Run Executive Committee

Race Founder:  W. Marcus Newberry, M.D., MUSC
Town of Mount Pleasant: Steve Gergick, Nicole Harvey
Charleston County Parks and Recreation:  David Bennett, John Massey
College of Charleston: Michelle McLeod, Amy Seago
City of Charleston: Harry Lesesne, Paul Wieters
Charleston Medical Society: Keith Borg, M.D., Kathy L. Lehman-Huskamp, M.D.
Charleston Area Convention and Visitors Bureau: Perrin Lawson, Kathleen Cartland
Charleston Running Club: Mike Seekings, Pat Welch

Board of Directors

Charleston County Parks & Recreation Commission

Philip Macchia

John Massey


College of Charleston

Wes Dudgeon

Alicia Caudill


Charleston Area Convention & Visitors Bureau

Mike Seekings

Kathleen Cartland

Town of Mount Pleasant

Steve Gergick

Nicole Harvey


Charleston Running Club

Lisa Deaton

Tony Shuler


City of North Charleston

Amy Heath

Frank Lapsley

City of Charleston

Paul Wieters

Laurie Yarbrough


Charleston Medical Society

Dustin LeBlanc, MD

Kathy L. Lehman-Huskamp, MD



Dr. Marcus Newberry, MD


Race Director

Irv Batten

Deputy Director

Mark Cellars

Volunteer Coordinator

Jennifer Curry

Registration Coordinator

Erin Magera-Hames

Elite Runner Coordinator

Michael Banks

Special Events Coordinator

Lorrie Warren

Elite Wheelchair Coordinator

Kim Aquino

Transportation Coordinator

Carl Beckmann

Warehouse Manager

Keith Batten