Cooper River Bridge Run | FAQS

Race Day Is Saturday September 25, 2021


 September 25th, 2021 registration is open!

Click HERE to register for the 2021 race

No printed registrations available

10K Race Location and Start Time

The start is at the corner of Simmons and Coleman Blvd in Mt. Pleasant.

Start time is 8AM.

Packet Pickup /Expo ( place and times)

Packet Mailing for 2021 is available on the registration online form for $15.

Packet Pickup at our Expo: 2021
Thursday- September 23rd, from noon-8pm
Friday- September 24th, from 8am-8pm –  Charleston Area Convention Center
5001 Coliseum Drive, North Charleston, 29418
Having the Bib Number to pick up packets is the fastest and most efficient way to pick them up. If you forget to look up your Bib Number you can look it up at the Expo and you can pick up packets for others if necessary.  No ID is required. Have a great time!

Can somebody else pick up my packet/can I pick up someone else's packet?

Yes, someone else can pick up your packet. Knowing the Bib Number to pick up packets is the fastest and most efficient way to pick them up. If you forget to bring the Bib Number you can look it up at the Expo.

How do I confirm my registration?

Check if you’re registered, here!

What are the logistics of the Shuttle Buses?

Click on the following link for bus info:

This information can help you determine which shuttle to sign up for after you’ve arranged your accommodations.   You can leave your car at any of the 4 shuttle locations  and we will shuttle you to the start and back to your original location after the race. (parking is limited in Downtown Charleston.  Click on the following link for info about city parking garages that are available.) long as you’re wearing a bib you can get on any of the shuttles! You can ride it one way or both ways!

Race Morning: To Start/Buses run from 5:00 am-7:00 am.  Must be in your corral by 7:00 am.

After Race: Buses take you back to your original shuttle locations to pick up your cars from 11:00 am-1:00 pm.

How can I sign up for the Boat Shuttle if I have already registered?

This option is available when you register, for an extra charge of $10.

It is an alternative to the free bus shuttle.

If you have already registered and want to add the Boat Shuttle go into,  My Event through your Active Works account and you can purchase Boat Shuttle tickets.

Can I register over the phone?

You cannot register over the phone. We are no longer accepting paper registrations.  All registrations must be done online at

There will be no bib transfers for the September 25th race.

There will be no transfers for the September 25th, 2021 race



I did not receive a confirmation email....?

It is possible that your email was entered incorrectly while registering. You do not need a confirmation email to participate/pick up your packet. Please email us at to update your email or you’ll miss out on the information that you need.

Click Here

How do I change my category?

Please contact us at to change your race category.

This must be done by June 15, 2021 and you must provide a verification time for any category under one hour.

Will the event be capped?

In order to keep our participants safe the entire September 25, 2021 race will be capped at 25,000 people.

Where is my Chip?

Your timing tag is embedded into your bib. DO NOT REMOVE the timing tag.  Be careful not to fold the tag, as this could damage it. Make sure your bib has YOUR name on it, to ensure your results are correct.

What's the slope?

Most of the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge is limited to a 4.1% slope. On the Charleston side of the main span, the long approach is a 1.8% slope. On the Mount Pleasant side, there is a section three tenths of a mile long that has a 5.6% slope.

Can I run with a Baby Stroller/ Baby Jogger or any wheeled device?

We strongly discourage strollers or wheeled devices of any kind.  For safety reasons (concerning both you and the participants around you), baby strollers/ baby joggers are only allowed in the very LAST corral of the walkers(Corral K): the course is too congested for them to be anywhere else, as are the start and finish staging areas. Be aware that it is VERY dangerous to have a stroller or any wheeled device among such a large crowd of people.
*Strollers or any wheeled devices are not allowed on the shuttle buses or the boat shuttle.

Is there a list of hotels?

Check back the end of January for 2021 Hotel information.

Is there a separate Walk?

This is a combined 10K event- but you can register for the Walk/Run category which is the last category in the run and you can walk at your own pace within the 3 hour time limit.  Walkers will be issued the CHRONOTRACK timing device just like all of the participants and will appear in the full results.

Directions to the 10K start?

Remember that this is a point-to-point race and that the bridge going to Mt. Pleasant will close to all traffic at 7:00 am. Shuttle buses will be running from Calhoun Street (adjacent to the Gaillard Auditorium) from 4:00 to 5:45 am. After 5:45 am, you will be responsible for your own transportation.

The Interstate 526 bridge (accessible from interstate 26) will remain open, however it is about a 20 mile trip from downtown Charleston to the race start via this route.
The boat shuttle is also an option- you may purchase a ticket with your registration. Purchasers who register by Jan. 15, 2020 will have a boat icon on their bib.  Purchasers that do not have the boat icon on their bib will be on a list at the dock. The boat shuttle leaves from the Fountain Walk Dock next to the SC Aquarium (although nearby, this dock is not the one behind the Aquarium) and takes you to Patriots Point. A shuttle bus will transport you from Patriots Point to Coleman Blvd. approximately one-half mile from the start.

Cooper River Bridge closes at 6am.

From the South, take Highway 17 North over the Cooper River Bridges to 526 Business (not interstate 526, which goes to North Charleston), which is a right turn. This road runs into Coleman Blvd (703) at Sea Island Shopping Center, about 3/4 mile East of the start. (a right on Coleman Blvd.)

From the North, take Hwy 17 South and take the exit ramp for 526 Business (South, not interstate 526, which goes to North Charleston). This road runs into Coleman Blvd (703) at Sea Island Shopping Center, about 3/4 mile East of the start. (a right on Coleman Blvd.)

From I-26 and the airport, take I-526 to Mt. Pleasant. This road will turn into Business 526 as it crosses Hwy 17, keep going until this road runs into Coleman Blvd (703) at Sea Island Shopping Center, about 3/4 mile East of the start. (a right on Coleman Blvd.)

Taste of the Bridge Run

No additional Taste of the Bridge Run tickets will be sold for the September, 2021 race; however, we will honor the tickets that were paid for and deferred from 2020 race due to Covid 19.

We will resume selling Taste of the Bridge Run tickets when our registration opens for the April 2, 2022 race. The Taste of the Bridge Run will have your taste buds cheering with over 25 participating restaurants .

Tickets must be bought in advance either when you register or click on the link below to purchase tickets:

Fast Facts

Fast Facts

Cooper River Bridge Run


Fast Facts




 3rd Largest

10K in the United States (40,000)

July 16, 2005

Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge opens


Bottles of water



Grade of Bridge


2.5 miles

Length of Bridge


35 million dollars

Direct Economic Impact in Charleston, SC



Average Participant Age

3 Bridges

John P. Grace Memorial Bridge – 1929
Silas N. Pearman Bridge – 1966
Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge 2005

190 Expo Booths

One of the Largest Health & Wellness expos in the United States


82% over 50K

Average Participant Household Income


Travel over 60 miles to participate

Record Holders

Men’s Running Record

James Koskei  (2000)



Men’s Wheelchair Record

Krige Schabort  (2009)


Women’s Running Record

Elana Meyer  (1997)


Women’s Wheelchair Record

Ilana Dupont  (2013)


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