Cooper River Bridge Run | IVORY KEYS


Genre: Singer/Songwriter
From: Summerville SC

YOOOOOOOOO!!! My name is Ivory Keys and I am an artist out of Summerville, South Carolina. I was originally born in San Antonio, Texas, we moved to South Carolina when I was about three years old. We moved around a little bit from Mount Pleasant then to North Charleston, Finally, we moved to Summerville and there ever since. I’ve been making music for 2 and a half years now. I make Hip Hop, Pop as well as R&B music, I try to be as diverse as I can when creating new music to keep things fresh and new. I have released one project, its an EP titled “I was brainwashed too” and I am currently working on my second album right now. Ive been performing live for about a year now and I LOVE IT!!!! I love interacting with the crowd, jumping around, seeing people react to my songs live and just having a good time. Its really dope seeing people having a genuine good time to the music you create like I do to the artist I look up to.