Cooper River Bridge Run | SRA


Genre: Singer/Songwriter
From: Columbia SC

Columbia, South Carolina based singer, songwriter Sra is a brilliant songstress known
for her sensual and hypnotizing style of R&B. Emerging in 2018 she has captivated
many with her first, orange-coated project holding a few tracks entitled “Alaska.” She
emerged with raw, emotional energy and stole a plethora of hearts and minds. Inspired
by musicians like Sade, she has fashioned an oasis-like obsession into what she
fittingly says was one big therapy session and coping mechanism for herself. In
between the sweet sounding outlets, she is also a student at the College of Charleston
majoring in arts management with a music industry concentration. With her succinct
ballads and mysterious aesthetic, Sra has caused a stir not only in the Charleston
community, but also in the Charleston city paper, Lyrical Lemonade, and in various
states and countries. Her project “Alaska” can be found on all streaming platforms with
more to come.