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Grains For Gains


Incorporating the right superfoods into our daily diet can be a lot to tackle! Between correctly portioning, counting calories and eating enough it can get tiring. Whole grains are a large sum of what runners need to fuel their runs and also can assist in trimming down your waistline! Take a look at these top four grains below that will push you far without the crash!


  1. Farro – You may recognize this grain from passed-down family Italian recipes. Surprisingly enough, this grain carries more protein than quinoa. Calcium is packed into Farro and is wonderful when used in casseroles, pilafs and stews!
  2. Oats – There’s no easier way to jumpstart your morning than with some good old-fashioned steel cut oats! Whether they’re incorporated into your breakfast bar, oatmeal, cereal, or grain clusters they are a win in a runner world! The fiber that is inside of the oats is perfect for those who want to feel fuller longer along with helping to manage your cholesterol!
  3. Teff – The itty tiny grain is originally harvested from Ethiopia and carries a mild molasses taste along with being a great source of iron! Teff is also gluten-free for those who avoid having gluten in their diets. The grain can be used as a substitute for quinoa!
  4. Wheat Berries – these are actually a true whole-grain! 30 grams of glycogen are packed into a serving as little as one-half cup of cooked whole-wheat berries. They’re great for rebuilding carbs so pack them into your pre/post run smoothies and meals!



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