Cooper River Bridge Run | Running Through Water

Running Through Water


Warmer weather is creeping up on us and pretty soon the heat may just be too much to handle. That doesn’t mean to throw the towel in! Water running is a great way to stay cool and is perfect for those who are in need of recovery but still want to move forward with their training. Take a look at the ways water running could benefit you below!

Water running is not only a wonderful substitute for running on pavement, but it also reduces the impact of gravity on your muscles. Gravity can be harsh on the body so why not defy gravity? Your body is able to remain as vertical as possible while in the water, therefore, the result is better for cardiovascular conditioning. Your circulation is improved and swelling is decreased when running in water as well. Bonus! As a result, those who run in water will not experience the muscle soreness as they would on land. Running in water will also improve the intensity of your run along with building up your resistance.  Why would you not want to run in water?

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