Cooper River Bridge Run | Running: Using More Than Just Your Legs

Running: Using More Than Just Your Legs


Running is more than just putting your legs in motion at a rapid pace. By running, you are working your entire body whether it be intense or not. Take a look at a few of the muscles your body is putting to the test during your run below!


Glutes – Running up hill will work your glutes more with the contraction of your muscles flexing your knee. While you run, you build the glutes when your thighs move from a position parallel to the ground to a position behind your body.


Hamstrings – The backs of your thighs hold the hamstrings which flex the knee causing your lower legs to move back toward your glutes. Feel the burn!


Quadriceps – When moving your leg from a bent to a straight position you are working your quadriceps. They consist of the vastus medialis, vastus intermedius, rectus femoris and vastus lateralis. Each of these muscles get built up whenever you extend your knee.


Abs – Your abs work an important part when running and contract to give your body support and balance to maintain proper posture. They will also gradually become toned from the heavy breathing that takes place during running. Bonus!


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