Cooper River Bridge Run | Ryan McKenzie

Ryan McKenzie

Genre: Alternative / Pop / Rock
From: Orlando, FL

Ryan McKenzie’s music demands attention with its harmonious choruses, cinematic orchestration, and accomplished vocals. The multi-instrumentalist started his music career in Reston, VA. Ryan’s music and lyrics originated as a heartfelt escape in his rough start to childhood.

“Where have the heroes gone…..” Ryan McKenzie sets the storyline for his debut EP, “In Light & Desperation”.
I wanted to tell a story about my real life experiences with this EP by bringing true lyrics to the surface. I had the opportunity to really capture what has been stuck in my head. I think we did just that. Everything on the EP was recorded without loops, tracks, or samples. I am so proud & thankful for the effort everyone has put in, thus making the EP what it is.

The 20-something multi-instrumentalist moved to central Florida in hopes of making an impact on young people’s lives with his music. At the age of 13, McKenzie became inspired to learn the art of music, and taught himself to play various instruments without any formal lessons. Today, Ryan McKenzie debuted his first EP with delicate lyrics filled with longing and a sense of promise. While the music is epic & grand in its scope, it retains a close sincerity & warmth not often found in today’s Pop music.