Cooper River Bridge Run | Sprinting On The Shore

Sprinting On The Shore


A perk of living in the Lowcountry is being so close to the beach! Skip the treadmill and the paved trail and hit the beach! Running in the sand is not only a great way to change up your routine but you’ll actually use more muscle than you do on a typical running day. Train on the shore and see for yourself why we love running on the beach!


Beach sprints are a great way to push yourself to an all-new level of running. The beach is perfect in regards to avoiding injury and also for those who are needing recovery but would like to continue to train. Tackling the beach is a little tougher than your average turf due to how your feet slip and sink in the sand. The sand forces your leg muscles to stabilize your feet during the application of force creating an intense yet scenic workout! When it’s time to hit the pavement you’ll feel stronger than ever and your routine will feel so much easier because you will no longer feel the restraint of treading through the sand. Build your resistance and your confidence all at the same time!


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